#HotOrNot: Climate Characters

How does martini-guzzling, jet-setting superspy James Bond and his fleet of disposable Aston Martins compare to minimalist vigilante Jack Reacher? Or how about Homer Simpson vs Lisa Simpson? ​


Engaged key industry figures from Disney, BBC and Sky

Shared by Steve Smith (TV Director) and Channel 4 Earth

#HotOrNot is a collaborative campaign between ourselves, Prof Denise Baden (Green Stories Project), Bafta and Albert to understand how important it is to write sustainability into our stories and characters.

Released weekly on social platforms, the graphics were designed to be fun gateways to discussions of the responsibility of writing the realities of the climate era into our fiction. Each post linked to Green Stories survey to get honest responses from the public.

Check out the posts below and have your say by taking part in Denise Baden’s survey here: http://bit.ly/433n71w