eBay: Hulkbuster

Following the success of our eBay x Star Wars collaborations, We challenged Colin Furze to build a life-sized Hulkbuster to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War.


Superpowered views: Over 36 million views and 209k shares

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The 1 tonne, 3.2m tall beast was then hidden in a giant wooden Avengers shipping crate and used to surprise some mini-avengers superfans at a superhero themed birthday party, creating (thankfully) a huge amount of joy.

Thankfully we got smiles all round, and many millions of internet views, shares, likes and posts later, happy clients at eBay, Disney and Marvel.

In addition to the main film, we delivered cut downs for eBay’s social channels, and Colin and James delivered films for their own channels, as well as detailed build films for their deep fanbase.