Greenwash Bathtub

Before Barbie, Margot Robbie was explaining banking in a bathtub. For Glimpse and Clean Creatives, we parodied this iconic scene from ‘The Big Short’ to explain how Oil and Gas Giants are greenwashing their image through UK influencers. Unfortunately Margot was busy, so we recruited the slightly more hairy Will Hislop.


Over 100,000 interactions on socials

High praise from big influencers such as Aja Barber, Dani Reyes-Acosta and Mikaela Loach

The brilliant folks over at DeSmog have discovered a shocking amount of UK influencers are paid by Oil and Gas giants (such as Shell and BP) to promote unrealistic and misleading climate solutions, with some reaching over one billion views.

‘Green Innovation’ has been identified by Harvard University as one of the key tactics deployed by fossil fuel companies and can be disguised easily. However, along with Will, we worked to create a script that hilariously parodies influencer greed whilst explaining the mechanics of greenwashing tactics.

The film received over 100,000 interactions across socials and was featured in ‘The Drum’. The film received overwhelming praise from influencers and activists such as Mikaela Loach, Aja Barber and Dani Reyes-Acosta, who said, ‘This is some of the BEST content I’ve seen in a long, long time’.