May 1, 2008

Ultimate Dog Racer flies from the traps!

We are proud and excited to announce that Ultimate Dog Racer has finally left the traps and is chasing electric rabbits as I type!

We made the game for Ward Lovet on behalf of the British Greyhound Racing Board and set it free on the web a week ago. An early beat-em-up style soundtrack, a selection of menacing-looking dogs and a plethora of bones, fire hydrants, meat and cats all trying to slow you down make Ultimate Dog Racer the perfect online time killer! Upping stakes, gambling your bone collection and slowing the other dogs down are the only way to become top dog.

As an added bonus the BGRC are putting on some amazing offers in order to persuade to people (when they are not online playing UDR) to spend a night at the dogs, at one of the associated tracks across the country…

Most probably the only dog-themed, bone gambling, hydrant dodging flash game on the web: Ultimate Dog Racer!