August 4, 2008

Tweens Online

OK, so not the Tweenies, but Tweens (consumers aged 10-14) use the internet too, according to new research from the amazingly named Double Click Perfomics (surely Performics isn’t a word)

Key points from this rsearch that are of interest for us:

– 83% said they spend at least an hour per day online

– Nearly half of respondents go online many times per day (more than three), and 87% usually spend at least a half hour each time.

– 72% have a profile on at least one social networking site

· 54% have a MySpace profile

· 35% have a Facebook profile

· 45% have some other social networking profile

· 64% visit social networking sites at least once per day

· 34% spend four or more hours per week on social networking sites

– Only eight percent said they read blogs frequently; another 31% said occasionally. Forty percent said rarely, and 20% said never.

(Data based on responses from 1,000 individuals contacted through eRewards’ panel of more than 2.8 million active members)

by Kirk