September 2, 2009

Twecruiting: How to Make Your Boring Twitter Campaign More Awesome

Ad agencies are progressively using social media in clever ways for new business and recruitment broadcasting (typically bypassing new biz/recruitment agencies), with the best of the lot always offering people interesting reasons to catalyse their boring conversations.

Additionally, there’s been lots of blabber about the plethora of tools you can use to measure the influence of Twitter yet seldom do you see interesting examples of them in practice, so we thought we’d try out to see how far one of our own essentially boring recruitment tweets could travel. We created a jovial hashtag for the job (#rubberjobby) to match our socially awesome job description and provided an incentive by offering retweeters 50 copies of the Cluetrain Manifesto. It all provided enough colour to encourage 100 Twitterers to join our conversation and through their followers reach nearly 20,000 digital media types (mostly UK). TweetReach also uses a complex (and I’m wagering not 100% accurate) algorithm to figure out the impressions that your Twitter campaign delivered, rating our exposure at 45, 328. But the real tour de force of the campaign was in the 11 CVs it flew into our inbox. Thank you Twitterverse!

You can download the full report here.