June 22, 2012

Mercedes SLS AMG :: Turbo Golf

When Jeremy, Alex and Pete at Weapon7 asked us whether a £200,000 Mercedes-Benz could catch a golf ball we said “No, of course it can’t.”
Then we had a little sleep and thought about it again, and decided that maybe….just maybe… So we rung them back and said yes. We based our new answer on a slightly delusional grasp of the physics of acceleration and a quick Google to discover that both ball and car were capable of speeds in excess of 180mph.

When Mercedes-Benz and Weapon7 put their money (plus an SLS AMG Roadster and David Coulthard) where our mouth was, the pressure was really on to see if indeed this feat was possible; preferably without harming the car or Mr Coulthard.

The film released yesterday on YouTube has been 6 months in the making. It is possibly the most rigorous but enjoyable project Rubber Republic have been involved in. Everyone (Mercedes, Weapon 7, the production crew and last but not least David Coulthard and Jake Shepherd) was totally committed to make this possible. The result is a series of films we are immensely proud of.

In less than 24 hours the video has notched up over 300k views on the official Mercedes-Benz UK YouTube channel, over 20,000 social actions on Facebook & Twitter and been featured on some hugely influential sites including: The Awesomer, Jalopnik, Kottke etc. as well as coverage in The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Fox News etc.

We are absolutely thrilled (and really grateful that we didn’t end up looking like idiots for promising we could do this).