August 2, 2011

#TumblrTuesday – Shark Week, Space Travel and Strange Geriatrics

Every year, for one week only, the Internet adopts the shark as its official mascot and it’s all down to the Discovery Channel’s eternal stroke of genius Shark Week

With this in mind, the coveted first #TumblrTuesday slot has to go to a blog dedicated to them entirely.

Ever wanted to know how many living, breathing, human beings are in space at this very moment? Check out this blog which gives you real time updates.

Finally. Old people are pretty weird right? Take a look at this collection of some of the most badass geriatrics on the planet. Just hope you don’t see your grandparents up there…

Bonus Tumblr tip: Ever wondered if your strange and wonderful niche interest had its own “Fuck Yeah” Tumblr blog? Now you can find out. Head over to and type in the object of your desires. Not only is it a source of endless fun, but it’s a pretty fantastic way to discover and connect with other people who are passionate about the thing you love the most.

Today alone I discovered: and in my naivety thought that there would be no such thing as

Have some fun with it and tweet your #TumblrTuesday suggestions to us here, or just use the hashtag.