July 12, 2011

#TumblrTuesday – Online Dating, Dirty Herbs and Velociraptors

It’s that time again…

It seems like lately my favourite day of the week rolls around so quickly.
I barely have time to reblog a classic cat gif, before taking on the wonderful task of trawling through Tumblr and panning for lulz gold all over again.

Tumblr Tuesdays are very special days at Rubber Towers. Especially now so many of our Twitter mates have started sending us excellent links and submissions.

Here are just three of our favourites this week.

Michael Buble Being Stalked by a Velociraptor

…of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?

Thyme On Your Hands

1) Go to a supermarket
2) Rearrange herbs to say something naughty
3) ?????

Things People Post on Dating Websites

A strange look into the bizarre and sometimes creepy world of online dating. The guy above should really hook up with E Harmony dating video girl.

Thanks to Phil Joyce Katy Beale and Clarissa Maycock for their awesome contributions.

As always, if you find a lulzy/amazing/kitten based Tumblog let us know on Twitter or use the hashtag #TumblrTuesday and you can also follow our RubberTumblr for cats, memes and other gubbins.