July 26, 2011

#TumblrTuesday – Finding God, Talk Show Trash and Tasteful Offense

#TumblrTuesday is in full effect this week and one Tumblr in particular has captured my heart and imagination like no other.

Enter “Holy Maury Mother of God”, a place where trashy talk show screen grabs and glorious GIFs come together in blissful harmony.

If you haven’t already added the Tumblr home of Tastefully Offensive to your feed, do so now and enjoy tasty sprinklings of lulz all over your dashboard.

Lastly, if you’re looking for God, you’ll find him here

Keep your #TumblrTuesday suggestions coming because we like them very much. Either tweet them at us here or use the hashtag and we’ll find them.

For bonus rubbery lolz you can head over to our Tumblr which is mostly filled with kittens.