August 30, 2011

#TumblrTuesday – 3 Reasons Why Fashion Brands are Dominating Tumblr

As a platform that relies on recycled and repurposed content, Tumblr should be a haven for brands looking to cement their campaigns into the digital space, but so far only one niche seems to have this licked.

Branded fashion blogs currently overshadow their adversaries, outperforming other brands like EMI and Huggies leaving everyone else in the dust. We wanted to know just what makes Tumblr such a natural habitat for fashionistas, and why designers like Alexander McQueen and Kate Spade are flourishing in this domain.

Eye Candy
Tumblr is a visual blogging platform. The dashboard is seemingly designed to host eye catching and dynamic content. If you’re already a Tumblr user, ask yourself, how much time do you honestly spend reading text based posts? Up against that lifeless blue background, it’s pretty difficult to concentrate on a block of copy when you’ve got animated gifs and fantastic images surrounding it. Fashion is entirely based on aesthetics, so it makes sense that well crafted and controlled images would do well in a space like Tumblr.

It’s Who You Know
Tumblr has purposely aligned itself with fashion world by making bold moves like hiring a fashion director, and sending 20 bloggers to New York fashion week to cover the festivities. A priority? No, but it did pay off. The result was hundreds of tasty, rebloggable morsels that flooded the site and a reputation for taking style seriously. With a fashion community that was already thriving, it’s no wonder that brands like Juicy Couture could slot right in and make themselves at home.

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Kate Spade and Oscar De La Renta tend to use Tumblr as an extension of Twitter, firing out short, shareable posts that will spread easily. Sharing and reblogging is actively encouraged on Tumblr, with fewer content creators than rebloggers. By digging into the archives and posting vintage photography brands are able to inject a steady stream of branded content into Tumblr that not only feeds the fashion machine but also crosses over into other communities.

Our top 3 branded Tumblrs:

Kate Spade New York
A slice of New York life & fashion. Clean layout, great pictures and a distinct voice.

Oscar PR Girl
Choc full of vintage goodies and aspirational fashion.

Behind the scenes gossip and gorgeous gowns.

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