November 23, 2007

Triumph viral gets on TV

On Wednesday evening our Triumph viral (made with the lovely people at e3) was aired on TV. Well TV off sorts – Nuts TV on Digital. Of course we’re chuffed for our client to get their ad on TV for free, however we’re even more chuffed for ourselves. As a viral agency our main goal is to generate the most marketing value for our clients – largely from free media placements, or “social media” i.e. people media.

So it’s nice that our campaign not only has been pushing itself around the net (with nearly 400,000 views), but also has pushed its way onto TV. All via the power of word of mouth (mouse).

Perhaps more interestingly, is that the reach of views from a digital TV station is a tiny proportion of the reach of YouTube today, however getting on TV still has a good buzz around it and brings out the school boy in us all