September 8, 2020

Triodos – Fossil Fools & Recommend a Friend

Last year we made some awesome content with Triodos bank and Greenhouse PR. We made a suite of films at Seed Festival, a smorgasbord of messaging films and a spokesperson film with Lily Cole to name a few!

Triodos is the only real option in the UK if you want to make sure the money in your bank is not being lent to industries causing negative social and environmental effects (i.e Tobacco, Fossil Fuels, Gambling, Arms).

This year our relationship continues to grow in their 25th year in the UK with new ‘Recommend a Friend’ and ‘Fossil Fools’ campaigns!

Fossil Fools

This campaign was aimed to get customers to switch to Triodos and move their money to an ethical bank, preventing it from being used to fund malicious industries. This message was delivered in a series of fun videos with toy dinosaurs, cake and sprinkles galore! Check it out below! 

Recommend a Friend

It’s Triodos’ 25th anniversary of operating in the UK and to celebrate they are planting the seeds to make the next 25 years more impactful through their ‘recommend a friend scheme’. For this, we enlisted the help of Oscar-winning actor (and Triodos customer) Mark Rylance, Mya-Rose Craig, Natalie Fee and a selection of wonderful Triodos customers. Watch here!