April 2, 2007

Threshers 2.0 launches

Thresher’s have launched their second viral coupon campaign following the success of the campaign last x-mas.
It’s interesting to see that this time Threshers (or at least their online buzz machine – Hugh from
) have openly admitted that this is a pre-meditated campaign, rather than last time when they spun the fact that it was an out of control marketing mistake that sped out of control – resulting in huge amounts of newspaper buzz about the campaign.

Last time round they claimed the campaign racked up over £15 million in sales. I’m intrigued to see whether without the might of offline press (garnered through their spin machine) the campaign will do anyway near the same numbers.
Although given that the campaign is based around word of mouth, and the production costs of the campaign are close to zero, anything above zero sales could be counted as a success . . .

Check out the campaign