September 15, 2011

Three of the Most Influential UK Based Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers have become more and more influential in recent years. With a big enough reach some of them have the power to make or break a product with a single review. We’ve tracked down three of the biggest and most persuasive UK based gurus to find out how they got started and what they’re doing now.


Pixiwoo are UK based, sibling duo Sam and Nic. They started on YouTube in 2008 when a heavily pregnant Sam wanted to do something to alleviate her boredom. Three years, 62 million views and 364,546 subscribers later they have become a global sensation. As well as earning a steady stream of revenue from their ad supported YouTube videos, they’ve partnered up with major cosmetics brand Avon to help educate their representatives about their products.

Lauren Luke:

Down to earth Geordie video blogger Lauren started a YouTube channel in 2007 to support her fledgeling Ebay business. Her relaxed, informal style soon won her hundreds of thousands of subscribers, a publishing deal and a slice of the advertising revenue from her videos. Brand Lauren continues to thrive, with the recent release of her Nintendo DS game and her own range of cosmetics.
Lauren currently writes for glamour magazine and makes regular TV appearances on This Morning.

Bubz Beauty:

Lindi Tsang is the Irish born, Chinese beauty blogger who uploaded her first video tutorial in 2007. She is currently the most subscribed ‘Guru’ on YouTube with over 800,000 loyal fans and 170 million upload views. She regularly hosts product reviews on her website for some of the largest cosmetic and beauty brands.

As with Lauren Luke, Lindi has moulded a brand around her online presence. currently hosts her fashion line and range of bespoke make up brushes.