April 5, 2013

Things From the Internet – Friday Edition

Here’s a good old fashioned link dump to see you through your Friday.

1) The Worst Kid On Instagram (…and possibly the entire Internet)

Param, a wealthy 17 year old student who goes by the moniker ‘Lavish’ has the kind of spending habits that make most rappers look frugal.

2) Epic Sax Battle

Two saxophone players on the NY subway spontaneously start jamming, and it’s pretty great.

3) Cute Alert – Racoon plays sprinkler like a harp

I thought racoons were supposed to be kind of dangerous? This is just dangerously adorable.

4) The 12 Most Hilarious Obama Gifs

Mashable has compiled a list of some of the best Obama gifs. The ‘door kick’ will forever be our favourite. Like. A. Boss.

5) Microsoft’s Creative Director Enrages Reddit

Adam Orth aka ‘Sweet Billy’ goes all offensive on Twitter, and the Internet don’t like it.

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