October 19, 2010

The week in meme…

Return of the Old Spice parodies

This UGC effort gave Sesame Street its second successful mashup in a week:

Triple topicality made the below tick along nicely – Twitter/iPad/iPhones and a good “Beat It” pun to boot

Yeo Valley ad re-highlights the ‘unexpected rappers’ meme (swagger wagon being a favourite).

Jeremy Kyle’s envelope headshot…good remix fuel?

…internet answers with a fairly humorous dub step remix

Stephen Fry gets mashed up with what’s dominating UK’s online video viewing….X Factor

….while Japan’s answer to X Factor currently spreading on the internet is a remarkably real singing robot….

This week’s ‘reaction’ video doing the rounds on the internet – kids react to viral videos…

Use of animals to send a music video viral of the week…(kitty response to OK Go’s ‘White Knuckles’?)

Beatboxing – mixing the old in meme with the new in ads…

…yet another ad mixing the old with the new 🙂

Hallow-meme costume parties are upcoming.

Political ads of the week

Change is cumming

Bed Intruder Antoine Dodson’ influencing senate campaign ads…

I’m not a witch political ad auto-tuned by the Gregory Bros

The week in celebs…

Kanye’s banned album art causes a stir

Keanu is happy, finally

Johnny Depp visits a school…

Banksy – Simpsons Intro

East Grinstead gets a song

Chilean miners get a flash game

..and get a Mario remix

…and a hipster kitty remix….

…gains meme status, while everyone focuses on the Oakleys/mistress/running miner chat.

A lot can be repurposed in a week.