November 3, 2010

The week in internet

People are awesome

People aren’t awesome

Red Shirt Guy reassures the world that the geek shall inherit the earth

1928 mobile phone is the WTF of the week

Never Say Never steals this month’s mantle of the ‘movie that should never come to pass’ from the Chilean miners

Nike stars’ biopics got weirder…

Kanye’s music video goes beyond what is epically expected of him

Return of the T-Mobile improvs

Sad fainting goat kittens make the internet unsure whether to laugh or cry

Then “oh no the internet didn’t”….(turn it into a LOLCat)

The making of musicals out of Arnie movies got even better

Crowd stunts got more “fake and gay” according to the internet

Tron/Daft Punk musical mashup salivated geeks

Robots got more real

Political ads that make you unsure whether you’re quite remembering right

Acoustic cartoon medleys for the nostalgic

Literary genius inspired in the Gizmodo community by “angry birds” comment