November 22, 2012

The Queen Came To Bristol

There was plenty of excitement at Rubber HQ this morning as her Royal Highness the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh drove past our office for a visit to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre.
At 11am, carried away with a strange sense of patriotism, we assembled on the first floor ready to lean out of the balcony and give our own royal wave to the people on the streets bellow. Flags were sold, cheers were heard and at 11.15am on the dot, the car pulled up and out she popped. Needless to say, she didn’t stick around in the cold for too long and was quickly whisked inside, where she gave a speech. We weren’t allowed in but I’m guessing it was probably exactly like this one.
To be honest, from our vantage point, we didn’t see that much but we did get a glimpse of a bona fide monarch decked out in a fierce bright pink outfit, accompanied by an uncharacteristically smiley Prince Philip.
After that flying visit, the excitement quickly dissipated, but we did find her blog and Twitter feed, which should keep us sated until the next royal visit.