May 15, 2015

The opportunity for brands who are honest, understanding and BOLD!

The internet is incredible. Where else would you be able to find video of a lion in a cardboard box?

Or a picture of weasel hitching a ride on the back of a hummingbird?


For brands looking to connect with their audience, video is already, and increasingly, a hugely powerful medium, but many brands are struggling to work out exactly how to use it to the maximum of its potential. 

Here are our top 3 tips for making social video work for you:

1: Be honest:

Great advertising is an art form, no doubt, but it’s no longer the only way for a brand to talk to an audience. Social video is fast becoming a more engaging, more viable alternative to using just traditional media. It’s all very exciting, but worth remembering that it needs to be approached from completely different angle to cut through and ensure maximum impact. In many ways we strive to make our social video projects stand out by NOT using the traditional language and approach of advertising, because doing the same thing you do on TV online usually isn’t going to work. (There are exceptions to the rule though. See: Cadbury’s / John Lewis for top notch crossovers)

For social video it is essential that you don’t fall into the traps of brand rhetoric. Instead focussing on doing something truthful, genuine and transparent.
Being honest can work wonders, as our videos for Bodyform and Bebo demonstrate.

2: Use your feelings:

Research has shown that how people feel about your brand has a far more powerful effect on their purchasing decision than straight up product messaging.

Social video is the perfect medium for building this powerful emotional connection with your audience because when it’s done right, it delivers added value outside of paid advertising channels. If your audience likes it, they’ll share it, and if they don’t like it? Well, it’s Youtube. They’re going to tell you.

This transparent approach gives brands an opportunity to talk more directly to an audience about the things they care about. If they feel connected to your message you can begin to forge a more powerful, long lasting relationship with your audience.

3: Be bold: 

There’s a lot of stuff out there already. Some of it terrible, but plenty of it is high quality and made by people who don’t have anything to sell. For your social video to deliver the value it has the potential to, it needs to cut through the noise. Fortunately most brands have money, which helps.

Its entirely possible for a brand to create great social video at a quality most amateurs, or even commercial entertainment channels, can struggle to match.

The key thing to take away, is that brands can now genuinely compete in the “entertainment” space. However, boldness and bravery is absolutely vital to making the idea cut through and find its audience.

So be bold, be brave and make your social video stand out from the crowd!