October 13, 2020

The National Lottery Community Fund: Emerging Futures

Rubber Republic is excited to announce we’ve been awarded funding from The Emerging Futures Fund, powered by the National Lottery, to explore how we amplify the creativity, commitment and desire to build back better from our communities and civil society from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This project builds on our company goal of using engaging and exciting content to bring about a more positive future through creativity, exploration and innovation. Working across a network of communities, we strive to narrate voices taking action towards a better future, giving airtime to some of the incredible community-level responses looking to create positive change. These stories will be shaped to target specific audiences to reach beyond the initial communities from which they originate.

We’ll post more here as the project unfolds, but it allows us to form unique and powerful stories from diverse perspectives that can help rebuild from this moment, fostering specific collective emotions from across the country. 

Awarded to 51 organisations across the UK, the funding invites new thinking and imagination that will unlock and echo the creativity and voices of communities and civil society through community and people-led ideas. 

Find out more about The Emerging Futures Fund here.