December 5, 2011

The Meme Awards 2011

A meme is such a beautiful rare thing that even having one a year is a blessing, but 2011 was choc full of them. Here are the winners of the unofficial Rubber Republic meme awards 2011.

Most Viral Teen – Rebecca Black

Most Viral 80s Male – Charlie Sheen

Cute (if not slightly terrifying) precocious talented kid award – Nicki Minaj kid Sophie Grace Brownlee

Slightly Insane Online Dating Video award – Can’t Hug Every Cat

Kill it with FIRE award – Nyan Cat

Most Charismatic Taxidermist award – Chuck Testa

Borderline Child Cruelty Award – “I ate your candy”

Brotherly Love Award – Michel and Sven

“Hey Check out this awesome thing! LOLJK” award – iPhone 5

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