April 21, 2020

The (Independent) Spirit of Bristol

Bristol, like so many other cities across the UK, has really pulled together through the COVID-19 crisis. Small businesses in the South West are changing the way they operate to keep us safe, fed and watered during the lockdown and we wanted to show just how hard they’re working and give our thanks. This is the spirit of Bristol in action.

We couldn’t get out and film, but some of the best indies in Bristol whipped out their cameras and phones and shared with us how they’re coping, adapting and continuing to operate in these unprecedented times.

Remote filmmaking has its challenges, but we’ve been putting together robust plans for filming safely when we can’t be there in person, including creating easy to deliver filming kits, guidance and remote directing. We have a strong network of creatives and editors, as well as our in house team who are mobilised and ready to make things happen. We’ll be sharing more details of that very soon.

It’s been a strange, but creatively challenging time to reassess how we can best use our skills and expertise to be useful during a time where there’s just so much uncertainty. 

There’s so much value in kindness, compassion and consideration, and now more than ever we need to find safe ways to find community and connectedness.

Solidarity in solitude Bristol. We love you.

With thanks to all the businesses who took part. You can find them all, and so many more on and