October 15, 2008

The Increasing Value Of Viral Video

A recent study by Feed Company – entitled “Viral Video Marketing Survey: The Agency Perspective” – has yielded some interesting indications of where we could see the ever-expanding world of virals heading in the future.

80% of (presumably traditional) ad-agency executives and media buyers were accustomed with viral video, with some 72% say that advertisers were interested in utilising viral video in their marketing strategy. These figures correlate with 70% of said agencies and media buyers planning to increase their viral video marketing budget.

The report also states that agencies are turning to viral video due to its inherent value compared with traditional media and its cost effectiveness in the face of an “economic downturn”.

While this undoubtedly being promising news for companies like Rubber Republic, the report also gives feedback on agency and media buyer qualms with viral marketing, and their suggestions for improvement in this area. Responding to the concerns and expectations of our clients will be key in maintaining these positive steps in the future.

I would like to see a study like this also take into account industry attitudes towards viral game content. It is surprising that – despite some of the great virals of the last few years being in game format and the platform’s appeal and versatility – viral video still maintains a place as the ‘default viral’ form.

Nonetheless, this is a valued and insightful piece of research.

Read the study: Viral Video Marketing Survey: The Agency Perspective

Reference: MarketingVox

Posted by Ian O