May 26, 2010

The Guardian’s Greatest Internet Sports Games Of ALL Time!

Flick 'N' Kick

I should have blogged this a fortnight ago but I see from The Guardian’s iPhone app (which incidentally is well worth £2.39 if you don’t already have it) that The Guardian’s Greatest Internet Sports Games Of All Time is still ranks at No.4 in their Most Viewed articles.

Not only is this a cracking little inventory which rounds up of some of the best free sports games available online, but we’re thrilled to find that we are included in their hall of fame with Flick N’ Kick: a fun little game we made over two year’s ago for Principality’s sponsorship of the Welsh Rugby Premiership.

Apart from providing an excuse to blow our Rubber trumpet it does show how a simple little asset created with a specific audience can sustain interest and audiences well beyond its intended campaign shelf life. Tidy!