December 7, 2011

The Bank Job goes live for Endemol


On Friday we launched our second project made for Endemol and Channel 4. The Bank Job is a new cross platform game show.

A head to head quiz played in a bank vault, the show is innovative in that all contestants on the TV show need to have won at least two games of the exact same head to head quiz played live against other real people on the internet.

The idea is that the TV show will be all the more exciting, as the contestants will know exactly what they’re doing, having already proved their mettle in order to get to the application form.

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Its surprisingly addictive, fueled by the fact you’re playing against real people. Its been a relatively complex build, but I found myself screaming for a chat window to shout “take that you cad!” when I got one right, and to er….sheepishly say nothing in when I was roundly beaten twice in a row.

Take a look!

Check the site out here >>

..or jump directly to the game here >>

(Site built by Rubber Republic. Game built by Chunk Games. Live game: Monterosa. Production company: Endemol. Commissioner: Channel 4. Thanks to Thought Den for cracking coding support.)