April 26, 2012

The ‘Awesome’ is dead. Long live ‘Remarkability’!

I’ve always been slightly uncomfortable with the word ‘awesome’; even when it wasn’t a cliche, ‘awesome’ sounded a bit too American and shouty to be pulled off with conviction on this side of the Atlantic.

And while its sentiment is undeniably positive and superlatively bombastic, it’s also seemed to be more volume than substance. In fact the only inspired definition I’ve read (butI’m sure there are others) was Umair Haque’s a few years ago. And little since has persuaded me that this is a useful word to qualify success or direct ambitions.

‘Remarkable’: now there’s a strong word that sounds good in a British accent.

If something is truly ‘remarkable’ it has those outstanding qualities we strive for: originality, impact and energy. But it has something extra – the compulsive trigger to create a spontaneous response, remark or conversation.

And ‘remarkability’ has always been the primary objective of anything we work on: To make it all the more remarkable through shared conversations.

So you’ll be hearing a lot more from us about ‘Remarkability’. And while it may sound like yet more marketing hyperbollocks, it is our inspiration, strategic corner-stone and the benchmark by which we will measure future success.

We will also try to moderate* our use of ‘awesome’.

*I’d like to say refrain from using it altogether but its pervasiveness on our site, even blogposts I’ve recently written may make this may be harder it should be 😉