January 23, 2019

Thanks for 2018. Here’s to an exciting 2019 :)

So 2019 looks set to be an “interesting” year in many ways (I’m sure everyone is braced for whatever eventually unfolds!) but it’s also a great time to say THANK YOU to everyone who made 2018 so great, by allowing us such brilliant creative opportunities.

Here are the top five things we’re grateful for (from a busy year):

1: First up, thanks to eBay and Disney who let us build a life sized hulk buster (complete with flamethrower) with Colin Furze, to surprise some children at a kids birthday party. 36 million views and 309,000 shares later we’re happy to say, Disney and eBay were as happy as the kids in the film.

2: Thanks to Dr Oetker, who let us create the ultimate pizza lovers paradise – a mini hotel for the pizza obsessive, created by our in house team with BBC3 comedienne Jahannah James presenting, and release in partnership with Unilad, 1.7 million views and a full suite of social assets later, we let 2 prize winning members of the public test it out for the most extreme pizza sleepover ever.

3: Helping out our friends at Wonderland Communications, thank you to Heinz, for who’m we scripted and shot this response video after their plans to rename Salad Cream caused the internet to implode.

4: Thanks to Warner Bros (and eBay) for letting us go to town in making the worlds most spectacular magic lesson – teaching children a spell and then seeing their faces light up as they literally lit up one of the iconic locations from the movie. 9.2 million online views and 3 million cinema impressions later + money raised for charity lumos resulted from the young superfans delight at what unfolded in front of them (phew!)

5: Finally, again thanks to Disney and eBay for what was a monumental achievement to wrap up 2018 – getting the World’s biggest YouTuber Dan TDM a starring role in Disney movie Wreck It Ralph 2 (voicing the character “eBoy”) in order to sell charity merchandise custom designed by Dan TDM and the movie’s directors / animators, on eBay, raising £54k for charity (and gaining 9.1 million views and raising huge awareness for Make A Wish foundation along the way).

We’re grateful for all of the opportunities to work with you wonderful folk in 2018 and look forward to more ground breaking, internet igniting opportunities in 2019.


Matt, Rory, Tiff, Corwin, Andrew, Josh, Alex, Lorna, Jayne, Tracey, Annie and Jo.