Ten Questions

Interested in contributing to the documentary but need a breakdown on how to become a Spielberg in your own home? You’ve come to the right place. 

Here is a bite-sized video going through the essentials to becoming a home filming maestro

Tips and tricks for channeling your inner Kubrick

  • Keep the tone light, but answer as thoughtfully as you can. 
  • Use your phone camera, but please film in landscape, and if you can mount it at eye level so you can remain eye contact.
  • Turn the house lights on, we want to be able to see you.
  • Try and position yourself to be in the centre of the frame. 
  • Desk lamps can be your friend in illuminating you face but make sure you don’t overexpose the image
  • If you have a professional microphone, please use it. If not, don’t worry smartphone microphones will do just great!
  • Make sure that there is little or no background noise, i.e wait to put on that load of washing till after the shoot.
  • If you have any cats or dogs spending lockdown with you, our furry friends are more than welcome to make an appearance. 

Please send the footage via Google Drive / WeTransfer / Carrier Pigeon to ensure we have the highest quality footage possible to, with your name and contact details. 

Need some inspiration? Here are three films to stimulate your creativity! 

Urgent Messages from Italians in Coronavirus Quarantine

TIME: Angelina Jolie Discusses How Coronavirus Is Harming Children Across The World

The (Independent) Spirit of Bristol