November 30, 2010

Taking social networking to a dark and seedy place?

Rogue Pictures, the distributors of Catfish, a big Sundance Film Festival hit this year, has come up with a marketing campaign that’s arguably more awesome than awesome itself.

Catfish is advertised as a real-life documentary, following New York-based photographer Nev Schulman as he falls in love with a girl over the internet. The trailer is intriguing enough, but visit the film’s website and you’re taken into Nev’s world – a world that becomes your world. And you can delve as deep as you like.

John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter said the film “will require clever marketing to preserve the surprises at its core.” Whether this campaign says too much, we don’t know, but it does make you want to see the film to find out for yourself. And, in marketing terms, what can be more effective than that? Taking advantage of the very thing that make Facebook and other social networking sites popular – online curtain twitching. Check it out here.