28 Jun '11

Tumblr Tuesday

Unfortunately I missed last week’s #TumblrTuesday and because I’m feeling guilty, I’ve managed to find three of the most epic Tumblr based blogs for your viewing and procrastinating pleasure. Add these recommendations to your dashboards and enjoy. a … Read More

14 Jun '11

The Redesign

I’m slightly perplexed. My most recent web crush Tumblr has undergone a redesign and I’m still undecided about it. As a platform that is generally intuitive, clean and criminally simple to use, it seems strange to start messing with a … Read More

02 Jun '11

The Tumblr bug

Here at Rubber Towers we’ve become a little bit obsessed with the easy peasy, microblogging platform Tumblr. It’s intuitive design and high meme content makes it a clear winner in the procrastination stakes, but after hours of endless browsing is … Read More