August 17, 2009

Support our SXSW Panels!

SXSW is a fantastic festival held in Austin each spring. Help our panels get picked to by voting for our proposals on the hugely democratic SXSW Panel Picker. You’ll need an account at, then go to the links below and click the THUMBS UP icon under the title:

1: Nooks and Grannies: Exploring Older Niches Online:
2: Open source government: Can collaborative methods save democracy:
3: Taking Traditional Narrative Online: Extending Film Worlds Interactively:

If you’ve got some time left after that, here are some of our nearest and dearest who we’d also like to big up. Give them a vote too. We’ll literally kiss you.

Clare Reddington of the wonderland that is the PM Studio:
Pervasive games and playful experiences: Rendering the real world:
Seeing round corners: Artists as innovators in the corporate world:

Mike Bennett of Bristol Media:
How networks will make your business fly:
From the kitchen table to $Million business:

And if you’re going to be there, let us know. We’d love to take in some of the fine Austin nightlife with you.

SXSW Graffiti

Posted by Matt Golding