April 16, 2007

Supersize Advertainment?

It seems that some brands are taking the concept of advertainment to a whole new level- well maybe not that new…just product placement in a new guise.
New Media Age report that Ford and Nike are setting off on a 3-month trial to showcase new products in games for the Wii, Xbox and Playstation and are putting up significant budgets to do so- no doubt looking for a slice of the expected $1.8 billion in-game ad market predicted for 2010.

While Unilever look to squeeze Sure deodorant into one of these games, market-nemesis Proctor & Gamble have pushed ahead with the filming of a whole series called ‘Gillette- Young Guns’ for prime-time ABC, say USA Today . With episodes costing around $150,000 to produce, these can be more economical than a 30-second national ad at nearly $400k.

So the lines blur further still between ads and entertainment- but then we’ve been showing that for a while now