June 15, 2010

Now you can buy drugs with a credit card

I came across this the other day – and it’s a real potential game changer for the world of e-commerce. Square is a new mobile credit card payment device which simply plugs into your iPhone (or iPad or any other device) and allows you to make credit card payments with a swipe and a tap. The arrival of Square means that anyone can now join the e-commerce revolution – empowering micro-market traders, car-boot-stars and even drug-dealers (as one YouTuber pointed out) like banks never did.

The idea’s been developed by Jack Dorsey – one of the Twitter founders – and has been funded by a whole bunch of West Coast geek2.0 legends including Kevin Rose from Digg, so is pretty much guaranteed to be a global phenomenon from the market traders of Berwick Street to the street traders of Bangkok.

To whet your e-commerce whistle, check out Square’s promo video – and Square-up!