August 11, 2010

Spice up your sharing

Adam wrote a nice post about agency sharing over on our Team Rubber blog. Made me think…agency sharing arrives in several flavours:

-‘meta’ posts (like this one). These are about the practice of blogging / tweeting / sharing itself. How it’s done, how to do it well, the tools, the top tips.
– agency culture stuff: ‘who are these people?’, ‘what do they think?’
– memes: stuff that’s getting shared, inspiring work

These can all be great: good value, enthusiastic, passionate and insightful….but some of us have a little monkey on our shoulder, and the monkey whispers “I’m worried about navel gazing”.

Two things I’d like to see more of:
– advice that clients can just follow. How to commission better, how to measure value, what’s better done in-house, and what should go to an agency.
– stuff about people and the world. Thinking. Insight.

These do get shared, but I reckon there’s room for more of it. Surprise me, astound me, bring me things I don’t already know (‘cos people want to laugh and people want to learn).