May 26, 2010

Spend a penny with Vivì


In Italy many blogs are talking about a new strange product, Vivì. I quote:

Vivì is created by NASA research directed by the mind of Dr. Philip Plinton, which wanted to revolutionize the future by offering a product to purify urine, making drinking water. Today we take for granted the use of and access to water every day. We are sure that in future, perhaps not too far away, we can still qualify for this guarantee? Vivì is our response, the solution for the problems of the future”

Is it a provocation, a viral, the product of the future or just a joke? Reading their website, Vivì claim that the possibility of transforming pee into drinking water is a reality: “just urinate into the device, squeeze the object between the legs, exert considerable force, and drink pure water from a special nozzle.”

Really?! Sounds like Iron Man’s suit.

Currently there are male and a female versions and a hint of variety: “Vivì is not just plain water. It can be sparkling and can be with different flavours: orange, lemon and strawberry”