September 18, 2009

Some intriguing YouTube stats

According to some recent YouTube research from, your video has:
– a 3.1% chance of getting over 1000 views
– 0.3 percent chance of getting over 10,000 views.
– 0.001% of getting over 100,000 views

On the flip side, you’ve got more chance of getting over 1000 views (3.1%), than you have of getting 0 views (2.8%)a 2.8% chance of getting 0 views. Just. Interestingly, the mode average for a YouTube clip is less than 50, with a staggering 65% of videos failing to get more than 50 views.

Of course, these stats cover all videos across YouTube – so you’d guess that a professionally created viral ad would fair significantly better than a bedroom video.

Additionally, these stats don’t take into account the unfair advantages of seeding – using something like the Viral Ad Network and the “big seed” seeding strategy that increases the chances of getting over 100,000 by literally factors x1000’s.