May 12, 2008

Some are calling it Web 3.0

With the announcement of Google Friend Connect things are really on the brink of changing dramatically in how we share what we’re doing online with others.

While some will always be sceptical of mechanisms that can trace and display our online activities, many people will appreciate this new development (also being provided by Facebook under the name of Facebook Connect ) which allows any website owner to use a couple of lines of code that will add social networking features to their site so that people can share what they like more easily.

In the Google press release there’s a great comment from the president of iLike, Hadi Partovi: “We want to bring ourselves to every eyeball, not bring every eyeball to us,” With an increased ease of use (you won’t have to create hundreds of accounts for every site with associated passwords etc..) this will make sharing content (and virals) much easier.