November 4, 2009

Social networks + smart phones = perfect harmony

Did you start using social networks more after buying an iPhone or one of its smart phone rivals? Before I joined the iPhone bandwagon I interacted with Facebook in fits and starts.

However, since being inducted into the iPhone cult, I’ve become a more active user. It’s especially good for uploading photos on the move that you want to share and if you ever find yourself in an office where Facebook is banned (a surprisingly high number of workplaces do) it’s great for getting around this inconvenience.

A US-centric report by Openwave has backed up this anecdotal evidence with some stats, in which it found that four of the top 10 mobile domains by page impressions are social networks including Facebook.

Perhaps more surprising though is the absence of Google although this can be explained by most people accessing Google via their tool bar rather than Given that Twitter’s short, quick updates are perfect for mobile users, this trend is only set to grow.