November 25, 2010

So….what do we do?

In these changing times, many agencies are finding it hard to pinpoint exactly what they do. Meanwhile brand managers and ad buyers are often unsure who to turn to for what.

What we do

We work with entertainment brands, and brands that use entertainment as part of their brand strategy.

  • Entertainment brands such as Paramount Pictures, the BBC, Sony and Warner Music own and distribute content. They call on us to engage audiences with that content, sharing and spreading the desire to see a feature film, TV series, or to buy a game or album. We also create insight, helping them shape their businesses and content.
  • Brands such as Triumph Motorcycles, JVC and Gilette have identified entertainment as part of their brand strategy. They use sharable entertainment to build loyalty, reach new customers, and create brand positioning. They call on us to create awesome entertainment experiences that will be spread and shared.

And that’s what we do. It’s simple. And we know it works. Want to know more? Give Ness a call on 0845 680 1220.