June 24, 2010

Sexy Dutch Power

Tifose Olandesi 2

Other than Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka’ and Drogba, the real stars of this World Cup in South Africa are 36 blonde Dutch girls, having become the talk of the web.

Last Monday they were removed from the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg due to a stunt that saw them wearing very short orange dresses featuring the logo of a famous brand of beer. This beer company also happened to be a competitor to the official sponsor of the World Cup. Coincidence?!

FIFA didn’t approve and accused the young supporters of ‘ambush marketing‘; a form of illegal advertising, but the “Leeuwenhosen” still reached their goal: continually framed by the cameras and gaining the front pages of newspapers and thousands of websites worldwide.

Honestly, I think that in reality everyone noticed them for their sexy clothes and their nasty look.

Certainly the beer brand has been satisfied… like every male supporter !! : )