April 5, 2007

Second Life floods

All those Second Lifers who’ve escaped the terrors of the real world for the virtual got a shock yesterday as whole territories within Second Life were flooded as part of a virtual PR stunt designed to raise awareness of climate change charity Adventure Ecology.

The brainchild of the guys at Ogilvy interactive, territories that were flooded included Ibiza, the Netherlands (obviously!), Mallorca and Japan. For those who weren’t around for the flood, footage of the virtual catastrophe can be seen on YouTube here. Photos of the event can be seen here. And check out the buzz it’s already created on Rocketboom

A genius online buzz concept + well executed. The only question is – if your avatar hadn’t learnt to swim does that mean they’d virtually drown and go to cyber heaven???? And that begs the question – does Second Heaven (or Hell) exist???? Such deep meta-questions abound in the world of Second Life