October 2, 2012

Salad Club

The first rule of salad club, is…

I probably shouldn’t be talking about it.

In our office, salad club goes on behind closed doors, and services a tight nit group, the lucky few who remember to bring something along to contribute. It offers respite from the dreary Sainsbury’s meal deal and ends up being fairly cost effective. If you want to be super cool like us, here’s how to set up your own salad club.

Step 1: Acquire the provisions.

You’re going to need to spring a little cash for the set up costs. You will need:
– Tongs
– Salad bowl
– Box of accoutrements (Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, capers, pine nuts, jar of artichokes, croutons, hot sauce, sea salt, decent pepper)
– Enthusiasm, good looks, charm.

Step 2: Get your dailies
We’re talking leaves here. Spinach, Iceberg, Rocket… That’s your base. Now you can start bringing goodies from home. Leftovers work particularly well. If you grilled some asparagus last night, bring that in. Have some halloumi that needs eating? Yeah, why not? Chuck that in a bag too.

Step 3: Make friends with your fellow salad clubbers
Here’s the fun bit. Collaboration! Share your daily goodies with the rest of the family. If you have some delicious cheese, then turn to the left and share it with your fellow man. If they’re being stingy with the hummus, evict them from salad club, never to be seen again.

Last minute DOs and DON’Ts
– If you do insist on ripening a camembert under your desk, be prepared for the people around you to reject you.
Do buy a George Forman grill and use it to cook things like asparagus and halloumi.
– Don’t worry about disturbing your colleagues (that aren’t in salad club) with the delicious aroma of your garlic coated spears. What do they know? They’re just jealous.
Don’t be the guy that brings in limp ham and old lettuce. No one wants to be that guy…
Don’t shy away from garlic olive oil. If one of you is going to stink, then all of you should stink. That’s the beauty of collaboration.
Do read this salad club blog for inspiration. It’s good.

Happy salads!