February 13, 2009

Rubber Republic start a bit of scaremongering for Friday the 13th

How’s this for a timely story? We’ve been commissioned by Paramount and MEC Global to run an online PR campaign that will fuel anticipation of the latest release in the iconic ‘Friday the 13th’ series of horror movies.

The purpose of the campaign is to start online conversations about the film, which hits cinemas across Europe on Friday 13th February — that’s today, folks!  The campaign’s focused on five major European territories: the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain (EFIGS to the ITKs).

We’ve been equipped with a provocative and interactive viral film to get people talking: In the clip, you join a ‘live’ webchat with a slightly fearful lady backpacker before she is, ahem, *cut off*.  You can also customise the clip to send a delightful personalised message straight from Jason to your friends — or enemies.

The campaign follows the good work we did last year with the viral promotion for Paramount’s ‘Tropic Thunder’.  We’ve also been engaged to undertake a major online seeding campaign for the hugely anticipated ‘Watchmen’ which is released in cinemas next month.

Rory reckons: ‘Paramount are pioneering what can be done within digital social-media and viral channels. They have recognised that the film can start well before the viewer gets to cinema – it’s very exciting to be part of this when we can offer people genuinely engaging content.’

Posted by Ben W