November 15, 2007

Rubber Republic help Led Zep fans take over the net

Behind the scenes, our team has been furiously working behind the scenes to help Led Zeppelin fans take over the net – and generally cause some online mayhem . . . all in the name of rock n roll!

The campaign’s been running for a week or so now and is really taking shape + we’re starting hear some real rock n roll noise.

The overarching idea of the campaign is to help Led Zep fans “Zeppelise the net” by taking part in a whole range of activities all run through a central campaign blog – run by Zep fan Ian Ochiltree.

The activity’s that’s been creating the most noise so far is our “Zeppelising” task run in partnership with NetDisaster in which fans can destroy websites around the net by flying digital zeppelins through them! So far, over 100,000 sites have been Zeppelised including No.10’s (one of my favorite).

And check out the montage of Zep destruction.

The campaign’s still ramping up – so stay tuned for more Zeppelising