January 24, 2012

Rubber Republic cross platform workshop days

In response to client interest, we’ve started running cross platform TV workshops, looking at how to create online components of TV shows, and market those programmes socially / virally online in elegant and cost effective ways.

We tailor these days for the specific production company or broadcaster in question, but a standard approach might be a 1 day workshop in which two or three of our team come to your offices and work with your team.


The Social Web: We give your key team a 1 hour “crash course” in how the social web works, from blogs, to forums, to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. And then explain how these elements come together to allow audiences to explore their interests, discover content and share it.

Worked examples: We pick 2 or 3 example shows from your slate, and look at what you’ve been doing, what you want to achieve, and how from our experience of the web, and your experience of TV, it might be possible to get there. We particularly focus on the specific challenges of your shows, and on how these shows might fit with the “social web” discussed in the first session.

Ideas banquet: We work with your team to brainstorm ideas for audience engagement with your shows, either during TX (as cross platform content) or before launch (as attention grabbing marketing). These will be top line ideas, but they might be useable, or give ideas for things to explore more in future.

Summary: We then wrap up and summarise all of what we’ve discussed in a snappy report which we send to your team after we’ve left.

We can either run this workshop for your whole team at once, or if they can’t spare a whole day, we can take the groups around each show or channel for a few hours at a time.

We’ve run workshops for companies including BBC Comedy & Paramount Pictures.

We’ve also worked to create and seed content for Endemol, Marvel films, Channel 4 & Tigress Productions.

If a workshop day interests you drop Lottie a line at