December 9, 2021

Rubber Republic at COP26

COP26 is over. Whilst the outcome was not what many of us had hoped for, significant progress was made, and the requirement to act on climate now seems more deeply embedded than ever.

During the event, we saw activists and organisations from pockets all over the world unite to work together and build the foundations of systemic global action.

While COP26 is only the start of the journey to keep 1.5 alive, we need to use the connections created at COP26 and push collective action towards the goal of a better world for all.

We are proud to have made our presence felt during COP26 with international carbon free campaigns which address issues of climate justice, the energy crisis, the transition to sustainable business and tangible climate action.

Here are some highlights of the collaborative action we brought to COP26:

My Climate Reality:

We cannot have a better world without Climate Justice.

#MyClimateReality tells a series of VR stories of youth activists demanding climate justice as they face the climate crisis first-hand.

Along with Mock COP, Picture Zero and SOS UK, we collaborated with Climate Activists from five different countries to tell their stories (in their own words) of incredible leadership in the face of the climate crisis.

Their voices were heard in COP26’s green zone. The Carbon Neutral VR films impressed as they were transported around the world and came face-to-face with these remarkable activists.

Watch the films here:

Watch Bea from The Philippines story here:

Business For Nature:

Half the world’s GDP ($44 Trillion) depends on nature.

At COP26 & the UN Biodiversity Summit in China, the world’s leading businesses are calling for meaningful action on protecting biodiversity.

We have collaborated with Business For Nature and Greenhouse PR to create a series of films highlighting the call to world leaders to reverse nature loss and build a nature-positive, net-zero and equitable world.

Watch here:

Sustainable Energy For All

Want 24/7 carbon-free energy?

Responsible for 35% of total emissions, the energy supply sector is the largest contributor to global emissions. The transition to carbon-free energy was a regular discussion point throughout the COP26 talks.

We teamed up with Sustainable Energy For All and Greenhouse PR to create a series of carbon-free films spotlighting SE4A’s exciting framework to fast-track us towards a brighter future.

Watch the films here:

United Nations High-Level Champions

It’s time for leaders to lead.

Post COP26, we need leaders to step up and engage in global negotiations to secure a better future for all. We crafted this Carbon Neutral film to support Race To Zero and Race To Resilience’s ‘Racing To A Better World’ event at COP26.

The event demonstrated to leaders that this vital transition is technologically possible, economically viable and socially beneficial. The event was attended by the President of COP Alok Sharma, Nicola Sturgeon, Sadiq Khan, António Guterres, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Vanessa Nakate and the High-Level Climate Champions.

Watch the film here: