July 4, 2022

Rubber Republic: 2022 so far!

In the first half of 2022, the need to come together as a collective and create a better future is growing rapidly. 

From business hamsters to ways to supercharge your climate comms, we have had an exciting six months looking at how our work can make a difference by making the future come alive and developing the tools to do so with our audience. 

Waterbear: Greenwash Explained With Hamsters

Greenwashing is growing. For example, the European Commission believes that 42% of companies’ sustainability claims are exaggerated, false or misleading. 

So we did the only logical thing and recruited a team of business hamsters to help explain greenwashing so that the audience can identify it and call it out themselves. 

‘Greenwash Explained With Hamsters’ was commissioned by our friends at WaterBear, the world’s first streaming service dedicated to the future of our planet. Check out the trailer here: 

You can watch the film for free on WaterBear here.

On Road: How to talk about climate for change

When striving to bring about change on climate, it can be hard to communicate, and we often get stuck in circular debates on systems change v individual actions. 

We teamed up with our friends at On Road Media and the brilliant Dr Amir Khan to share crucial tips on communicating policy and systems change in a new carbon-neutral film. 

On Road have crafted three tips that unlock the power to change the conversation and refocus our efforts on phasing out fossil fuels and creating systemic change. Check the film out here:


Like us, you’re probably burnt out from social media and wish it was a space that values your mental health, the planet and democracy. 

Enter Wunder, a social media that’s designed to make the world a happier place. It’s the world’s first fully verified social media platform and aims to address the well-documented shortcomings of the behmouths of the industry.

We worked with Wunder to explain their journey in an humorous explainer film here: 

Keep your eyes peeled on for when the app launches!