November 11, 2020

Rubber Bullet // November 2020

Bored in Lockdown? In a WFH rut? Just need some good internet content? Look no further, you’re in the right place!

Put the kettle on and snuggle up, this month we wanted to share some absolute belters >>

A glimpse into the future of Hollywood? Check out the trailer for Songbird, the first major film shot during the lockdown.

Sacha Baron Cohen has brought back Borat in time for the US election and on the way made some excellent branded content with David Dobrik.

Excellent video from VOX explaining how the United States can leave fossil fuels behind and move towards a more sustainable future.

Beabaddoobee is definitely one of the UK’s most exciting musicians in years and it’s awesome to see her contribute to Amoeba’s excellent ‘What’s in my bag’ series.

Positive Stories

Scientists have found the first new part of coral reef in 120 years in Australia, the reef is so large it is comparable to the Empire State Building in New York. (500 meters tall!)

Tasmanian Devils are being returned to Australia for the first time in 3000 years! Thanks to non-profit Aussie Ark, these critters are returning home as the organisation attempts to rebuild Austalia’s eco-systems to pre-European settlement condition.