May 9, 2019

Rubber Bullet / May 2019

Nuggets of internet gold inside!

How is it already May? We’ve seen (and made) a lot of internet gold since last time, so this Rubber Bullet is oozing with it. From a badass grandpa to perfect pizzas, we are spoiling you!

ICYMI: Is this the most badass grandpa ever? Phil Kingston is a climate change activist sacrificing his liberty for the cause. 

New Adult Craft Skills! Recently had your heart crushed into a trillion pieces? Rubber Republic has your back.

Vogue launches 73 quick fire questions for the incredibly talented Pheobe Waller-Bridge.

Is this going to be the most wholesome film of 2019? The trailer suggests so, starring the star of tomorrow Awkwafina!

Amazing talk from Greta Thunberg. This passionate and inspiring 16 year old has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and addressed MPs in UK parliament.

Bon Appetit are back at it again with a new series ‘Making Perfect’, a quest to make the perfect pizza.

The Queen is back. Check out the trailer for the jaw-dropping documentary on Beyonce’s iconic Coachella performance.

Internet News

Who said outcry on the internet won’t change anything? People weren’t happy about the design of Sonic the Hedgehog in the live-action adaptation so much so that the Director has confirmed Sonic will be re-designed for the cinema release.

A fascinating and in-depth article from Wired mapping facebook’s 2018, the year the Zuck tried to fix it. Read it here.

Goodbye for now!

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